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The non-judgmental acceptance of the feelings that emerge in our thoughts and emotions, in the present, manifests into a lifelong mindful practice. The similarities of the various modalities found around the world to practice mindfulness are more numerous than the differences in some cases than the activities of a culture. They are passed down from generation to generation with the name of the activity rather than the more trending term of mindfulness. Make no mistake, the names change from countries and cultures around the globe, but the intention is identical. Join me on a journey of how mindfulness exists in other cultures with the diversity and of the way things are done in other countries to formulate a lifestyle of staying in the present.

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In 2019 Blacktone Publishing purchased Spiritual Portals: A Historical Perspective, to produce an Audio Book. Spiritual Portals is professionally narrated by Award winning narrator for Blackstone, Ann Richardson. The Audio is available November 12, 2019. Also in 2019 Spiritual Portals won the New Apple Literary Award as the Solo Medalist in Spirituality and International Book Award for Best Cover.

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Spirituality is a uniquely individual experience resulting from an introspective assessment of the moral, ethical and compassionate components of our lives. It includes the non-materialistic aspects of life. Exploring one’s spirituality is a transformative process of the core need for solitude and includes ethical and moral choices. A human’s true self experiences personal growth during the contemplative process usually resulting in a more compassionate existence for themselves and others who they interact with during their lifetime. This book provides an in depth view to techniques, methodology and most importantly the history of modalities selected to bring the reader toward a more spiritual existence without or in combination with faith-based religions. The spiritual component to our daily lives is always a transformative path intended to create change as a result of spiritual practice.

tranquil_seas_cover_frontChallenging situations will always arise and stress in certain situations can be a healthy way to keep us focused on handling a problem or accomplishing a task. However, once the challenge is over, many bodies fail to return to a restful state because we are so accustomed to stress and anxiety. In order to accomplish this baseline of tranquility, we must immerse ourselves in activities that bring about this state of rest. A technique that has proven to be especially effective in the area of stress reduction is meditation through guided visualizations.


Awareness of tick-borne diseases is critical in order to prevent an increase in incidence of the disabling conditions that accompany them. Tick-Borne is a comprehensive identification and explanation of the various diseases in the United States transmitted by tick bites and known to medical science to date.

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244_IBAwinnerJPEGsmallTwin Flame is a blending of views about faith, love and perseverance from a universal spiritual perspective. The fiction chapters are interwoven with introspective analysis of how all twin flames endure the process as they quest toward equanimity. The narration includes insights from her expertise in Zen, meditation, Reiki and Christianity. The book embraces the concept that there is a higher plan for everyone and that twin flames are created long before birth.

BookCoverImageI am thankful for….with deep gratitude…. On a daily basis begin to think of every good thing someone you met along the way has done for you or others. Feel the gratitude for those acts of kindness deep in your heart. Take an introspective journey with me and commit to a weekly gratitude journal. The format of this book is to give the reader a few starting ideas on how and why to keep a gratitude log and then to personalize it. Gratitude enables us to embrace equanimity which is, in simple terms, a more balanced life.


Haiku does not require any special technique or equipment like most art. The simple tools of pen and paper enable anyone anywhere to be a poet. Haiku is three short little lines in a small poem that speaks volumes about how we think when viewing nature. We connect our true feelings of things in nature with a hint of the season and how we perceive it. Once touched by the words in the haiku poem our feelings flow in free association. Haiku is seeing beauty in nature and then expressing it in the written word describing how we feel about it.


Coloring creates an environment to de-stress and stay in the present. For optimal quality of life we should find ways to control stress in our lives. Chronic stress decreases the quality of our lives, therefore we should eliminate at least some of our daily disquietude in order to approach our lives with equanimity and a calm perspective. A coloring book experience is a major tool to achieve this goal.


The Retro Budget Journal is a companion to our bestselling 2014 release, The Retro Budget Prescription. This journal will give you a clear depiction of where your money is going and puts you in control of your financial health. Twelve monthly budget worksheets are included, as well as straightforward insight into the realities of personal finance.


Lock Your Door presents a system of using a written journal that contains all of the information necessary to easily find and retrieve passwords and allocates space to change a password a minimum of four times a year. If you prefer written to online storage of your information, this is the system for you.


If there were 28 hours in a day what would you do with the extra time? Is it the same thing you would do with the first 24 hours? If you are not happy with your current organizational skills this book will show you an alternate path. Join me on a journey of minor fine tuning that will result in a more productive schedule and less stress.



Skillful personal finance is an essential element of stress management. The ‘Retro Budget Prescription’ offers everyone a clear, concise, and down-to-earth look at how to succeed with everyday finances. This book offers help for every age and uses excellent examples to accomplish your goals. A quick and educational look at money matters.

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Building a balanced life begins with eliminating stressful habits while cultivating good actions. “Mastering Tranquility” is a guide to the uplifting practices that have helped countless people manage and overcome the debilitating effects of stress. It is a companion for anyone who wants to adapt to the many anxieties, fears, and worries encountered in everyday life by pursuing fulfillment through revitalizing activities.

The practice of Reiki with another person creates healing for both. Healing occurs as we allow ourselves to be the conduit for the universal spiritual wisdom of Reiki. Reiki empowers us as a stress management technique.