DH2GeC1XkAADI_rNora D’Ecclesis is an American bestselling non-fiction author and Haiku poet. Her international #1 bestseller “The Retro Budget Prescription” held the top kindle book downloads in business/self help for over a year. Nora is a graduate of Kean University.  She has a long history of presenting events, retreats and seminars focused on wellness and stress reduction techniques. Nora’s published non-fiction include Amazon #1 bestseller “Haiku: Natures Meditation” and paperbacks/ebooks on topics such as time management, guided visualizations, gratitude/equanimity, journaling and zen meditation. In June, 2017 she added novelist to her list with the publication of “Twin Flame” written with her Co-Author, William R. Forstchen who is a New York Times #1 bestselling novelist. Twin Flame is a novella about a man meeting, courting and marrying his soulmate.  Nora defines the holistic concept of twin flames in relationships. It is a blending of views about faith, love and perseverance from a universal spiritual perspective. The narration includes insights from Nora’s expertise in Zen, Meditation and Reiki. The book embraces the concept that there is a higher plan for everyone and that twin flames are created long before birth. In 2019 Blacktone Publishing purchased Spiritual Portals A Historical Perspective, to produce an Audio Book. Spiritual Portals is professionally narrated by Award winning narrator for Blackstone, Ann Richardson. The Audio is available November 12, 2019. Also in 2019 Spiritual Portals won the New Apple Literary Award as the Solo Medalist in Spirituality and International Book Award for Best Cover.