Review of “Multicultural Mindfulness”

By Maria Bohle

Keeping our calm in the storm.

These are stressful times. There is always life drama, politics and deadlines, we are bombarded by mass media, slick marketing and peer pressure twenty-four hours a day. What is real? Who are we? Who am I? How do we function under the stress of our times? Nora’s book Multicultural Mindfulness makes us understand that what we need is within us – if only we chose to look. This book is a beacon in a dark night, a guide to the eye of the storm where calm and answers prevail. This is not a ‘how to’ book – but it is full of answers.

Guided imagery moves us through basic concepts and bridges any perceived gap of geography, culture and beliefs. We become one with nature, the universe, and our place on this beautiful planet. The wisdom that has survived the test of time, distance, and people, we are just tapping into what exists in each of us, without expectation, we can breath a sigh of relief and steep in the calm and serenity of our existence.

Multicultural Mindfulness has but one message – “What you are seeking is within you, it is within each of us, this is how it is done. Timeless wisdom as seen through the lense of life, through the eyes of many people, many cultures and many ages. We learn through short vignettes that peace is within reach and can be accessed at all times and in all places whenever we choose”.

This is a book to enjoy…

This is a book to savor…

A meditative guide that transforms us through simple message – look inside for the key to your peace and contentment.

This book occupies a place on my bedside table right next to my bible and my daily book of meditations. This is a book that opens the doors to endless possibilities as only a good book can do. Common to us all, the peace within can be tapped on command. Nora shows us how it can be done through the eyes of the do-ers.